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Vasileios N. Tsolakis

Vasileios N. Tsolakis

Vasilios N. Tsolakis was born in Tirnavos, where he finished primary and secondary education.

He is an Architectural Engineer with a degree in Architectural Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki,

In 1967, he began his professional activities in Larisa, where he worked freelance until 2007, and was involved in various projects in both the public and private sector.

The monastery, Holy Trinity of Sparmos, is situated in the southwest of the mountain Olympus at an altitude of about one thousand meters and is 28km away from Elassona. It has a long history, which begins according uncorroborated oral traditions, from the mid 16th century and evolves simultaneously with the history of Hellenism, reaching the modern era

In the monastery’s Catholic, there is an inscription, which refers to the renovation of the Catholic the year of 1633, which presupposes the existence of the monastery several years ago. Also the book of intent refers to the period from 1602 to 1798, confirming that way the operation of the monastery since, at least 1602.

The Monastery, Holy Trinity of Sparmos, flourished from the early part of 18th century. It developed intense intellectual activity and showed significant educational work in the area, by organizing a rich library with various theme books. Apart from theological books, the library included geometry books, math books, works of ancient Greek literature, pedagogy and geography books as well

From the late 19th to early 20th century, the Holy Monastery Sparmos experienced a decrease of its monk community and in the late 1920s, the monastery was almost abandoned, while the tangible assets of the monastery were transferred to the Monastery Olimpiotissa Elassona.During the 90s started the renovations of the monastery in every transept, which are all completed.

Nowadays, inside the monastery live a monks’ brotherhood, which continues to function in a completely renovated and restored monastery, preserving its whole history. A monastery which came to be alive again after it was abandoned last century

In the monastery there is a well organized treasury room where all the treasures of the monastery are kept and can be seen. Portable icons, carved wooden crosses, holy crosses decorated with semi precious stones, musical manuscripts, printed publications of Gospels, sacred vestments, Patriarchal lead seal sigils, silver chalices and embroidered epitaphs reveal the high respect and the intense intellectual activity of the monastery.

In the monastery’s library there are classified books of various themes, works of ancient Greek literature, pedagogical books, books about geography and very significant codes, which became subjects of scientific studies.


The book presents complete photographic description of the monastery, as well as the frescoes of the Catholic and the chapels of the monastery in Greek and English.


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