Vasileios N. Tsolakis Resume

Vasileios N. Tsolakis

Vasileios N. Tsolakis was born in Tyrnavos, where he completed his primary and secondary education.

He is an Architectural Engineer with a degree in Architectural Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, and a degree in Public Works Studies from YPEKODE (Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works).

In 1967, he began his professional activities in Larisa, where he worked freelance until 2007, and was involved in various projects in both the public and private sector.

His professional activities from 1967-2007 include:

In the private sector: The design and construction supervision of a block of flats, houses, cottages, factories, hospitals, schools, cultural and religious centers. In the public sector: Designs for spacial and urban planning, outdoor places, and the restoration of historic buildings.

Other professional activities include:

1984: Representative of the Technical Chamber (Central and West Thessalia) on the advisory committee for the operation of the Planning Office of the Prefecture of Larissa.

1983-1986: Associate of the Urban and Environmental Studies Company (A. Kollaros – S. Kontaratos – A. Symeon), based in Athens, concerning the preparation of the General Urban Plan of Larissa, and the definition of the Urban Control Zone (Ζ.Ο.Ε.) of the Prefecture of Larissa.

1986-1987: Member of the Planning & Architectural Control Committees (Ε.P.A.E.) for the Prefectures of Larissa, Magnesia,Trikala, Karditsa, Fthiotida and Evritania, as a representative of the Technical Chamber (Central and Western part of Thessalia).

1989: Associate of DENCO Ltd. (Transport Studies Company) of Mr. I. Frantzeskakis, professor of the NTUA (National Technical University of Athens), for the execution of a traffic study in Larissa.

1998-1999: Member of the Regional Council of Public Works of Thessaly as a representative of the Technical Chamber (Central and Western part of Thessalia).

2007: He retired through TSMEDE (Engineering and Public Work Contractors Insurance Fund) after forty years of continuous action in the private sector as an Architectural Engineer.

Current Interests

Tsolakis has been an amateur photographer since 1960 and continues to this day, with a focus on capturing natural landscapes, traditional villages, historical buildings, religious monuments, and other issues concerning people, the environment and culture.

He uses parts of his photographic material in order to create books that include both photographs and texts. He also produces small narrated videos based on this material, which have been broadcast by the channel TV Thessalia.